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On 1st May 2023, we prepare an event for celebrating our suppliers and contractors who helped build the Pusat Perniagaan Barry in Kuala Lipis. The construction of this commercial center was a significant undertaking that required a collaborative effort from various trades and professions.

The suppliers who provided materials for the project played a crucial role in ensuring that the construction process went smoothly. From steel beams to electrical components, every material used in the building had to meet high standards of quality and safety. The suppliers’ expertise and attention to detail helped ensure that the building’s foundation was strong and durable.

Meanwhile, the contractors who were responsible for the construction work also deserve recognition for their dedication and hard work. They worked tirelessly to bring the architect’s vision to life, handling tasks such as excavation, laying the foundation, erecting the structure, and installing utilities. Without their skill and expertise, the Pusat Perniagaan Barry would not be standing today.

It is worth noting that the suppliers and contractors involved in the construction of Pusat Perniagaan Barry faced significant challenges, including adverse weather conditions and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. However, they persevered and completed the project on time, demonstrating their commitment to their craft and their clients.

On this Labour Day, let us remember the contributions of all workers, including the suppliers and contractors who helped build the Pusat Perniagaan Barry. Their hard work and dedication have made a significant impact on the local community and the economy as a whole. Let us celebrate their achievements and continue to advocate for fair and just working conditions for all workers.

Below is the pictures to capture the moment together:


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