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Discover Your Next Commercial Opportunity at Jerantut Square

Prime commercial spaces available for sale or rent in Jerantut. Modern facilities, strategic location, and excellent growth potential.

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Jerantut Square

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Gateway Destination For Nature


Floor Plan


Land size

Intermediate : 22’x70′

End Lot: 35’x70′

Corner: From 40’x70′


From RM 1,000,000

Target completion date

 Q4 2026



Property Type

Double Storey Shop Office

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Explore Property Details

Discover Your Next Commercial Opportunity at Jerantut Square

Jerantut Square, Jerantut’s premier commercial hub, features modern, practical designs for businesses, minimizing renovation needs.

With enhanced accessibility via the new Jerantut Ring Road, it offers amenities like Freshmart, pharmacy, ATM, pet shop, retail stores, and F&B outlets. The area is surrounded by matured residential zones and boasts ready infrastructure.

Sustainable features include solar panels and ESG adherence. The Meranti concept adds cultural charm. Options include 22′ x 70′ double-storey shop lots and 10 exclusive single-storey semi-D shop lots for drive-thru or commercial use.

Explore the key features and benefits of Jerantut Square

Jerantut Highlight

Family-Friendly Park

New Township: Located in Jerantut, providing a prime location for businesses.

Enhanced Accessibility: The new Jerantut Ring Road ensures excellent connectivity.

Award: Jerantut recognized as Bandar Paling Bahagia, highlighting its quality of life.

Surroundings: Matured residential areas provide a steady customer base.

Scenic Park Pathway

Amenities: Includes Freshmart, pharmacy, ATM, pet shop, retail stores, and F&B outlets for convenience.

Infrastructure: Fully developed infrastructure supports all business needs.

Pedestrian Walkway: Safe and convenient walkways for easy access to shop lots.

Vibrant Play Area

Design: Modern and practical designs minimize renovation needs, ideal for business use.

Sustainability: Solar panels installed to reduce electricity bills, promoting green energy.

ESG Practices: Adhering to Environmental, Social, and Governance practices for sustainable development.

The potential for business growth and investment opportunities

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Parking facilities

Ample parking spaces ensure convenience for tenants and visitors.

Security measures

Enhanced security with CCTV and on-site personnel for a safe environment.

Business park facilities

Modern office spaces and commercial units minimizing renovations.

Accessibility options

Excellent road connectivity, including the new Jerantut Ring Road.

Recreational and cultural amenities

Nearby shopping malls, parks, and entertainment venues.

Landmarks and infrastructure

Close to hospitals, schools, and police stations.

Site Plan

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market factsheets

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Ethnic Breakdown:

Pusat Komersial Bukit Residen

Pusat Perniagaan Lipis Jaya

Bandar Baru Kuala Lipis

Average Household Income

Main Economic Activities:

  • Tourism: Significant influx of visitors to Taman Negara and other attractions.
  • Retail: Growth in local retail businesses and shopping centers.
  • Agriculture: Continued importance of agriculture in the local economy.

Key Employers:

  • Local businesses in retail and services.
  • Tourism-related enterprises.
  • Agricultural companies and cooperatives

Tourism Data:

  • Number of Tourists in 2022: 68,840
  • Includes both domestic and international visitors.
  • Major attractions: Taman Negara, cultural sites, and natural reserves.

High Tourist Traffic: 

Over 68,000 tourists visit annually, providing a strong market for tourism-related businesses.

Growing Population: 

The population is projected to exceed 100,000 by 2025, increasing the demand for various services.

Strategic Location:

Well-connected via major highways and roads, enhancing accessibility and business opportunities.

Development Plans: 

Ongoing and planned developments, including business parks, malls, and recreational facilities, set to boost the local economy.

Cultural Hub Status:

Rich cultural heritage and events attract both residents and visitors, fostering a vibrant community.

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Jalan Temerloh-Jerantut

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Stesen KTMB Jerantut

2.4 km

Stesen Bas Dan Teksi Jerantut

2.5 km

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Common inquiries about Jerantut Square.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions about Jerantut Square. Whether you’re curious about our properties, amenities, sustainability efforts, or how to schedule a visit, we’ve got you covered

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Jerantut Square is Jerantut’s premier commercial hub featuring modern, practical designs for businesses. It offers a variety of amenities and facilities to support business growth and community engagement.

Jerantut Square offers 22′ x 70′ double-storey shop lots and 10 exclusive single-storey semi-D shop lots designed for drive-thru or commercial use. These properties are available with freehold tenure.

Jerantut Square provides amenities such as Freshmart, pharmacies, ATMs, pet shops, retail stores, and F&B outlets. It also features ample parking, enhanced security measures, and pedestrian-friendly walkways.

Jerantut Square incorporates sustainable features like solar panels and adheres to ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) practices, ensuring an eco-friendly and socially responsible development.

Jerantut Square boasts enhanced accessibility via the new Jerantut Ring Road and is surrounded by matured residential zones, providing a steady customer base and strong foot traffic to support business growth.

The Jerantut Square master plan includes the development of business parks (North and South), Jerantut Square Mall (East and West), and comprehensive pedestrian connectivity. It also features vibrant play areas, food truck plazas, and family-friendly parks.

From 27′ x 70

From RM  1,000,000

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